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Louisville - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR Yikes!

After that game, everyone is looking at this man for answers.
Hopes were high that Syracuse could upset Louisville heading into the Dome. After all, the last time Louisville came into the Dome they were undefeated and left with a loss. The same fate would not be had for the Cardinals. Syracuse had a bad Friday night. The lose to Louisville 28 to 6.
Syracuse only managed 59 rushing yards. Louisville has one of the best rush defenses in the country so it isn't too surprising, but nobody managed to break out any runs longer than 19 yards. Terrel Hunt (201yds, 6.3avg, 0 TD, 2 INT) had a miserable day and looked off for most of this game. Syracuse couldn't sustain drives and failed to see the end zone. There were two HUGE drops by wide receivers in the end zone, which are not Hunt's fault at all, but still. The wide receivers had two horrific drops though. One that was a wide open touchdown catch that was just flat out dropped, and another falling out of the sideline that was a sure catch that was just dropped at the ground. Dreadful.
The defense was on the field for a long time, but the defense was able to recover a fumble and get an interception. They were also able to get at the QB and pressure or sack him several times. But the secondary again allowed a lot of yards through the air. It seemed no one could tackle in this game either. Seven missed tackles on one play is a joke. Dreadful.
Special Teams
At least the kicker did well. Coverage was a joke though. Kick coverage has been bad all season and it didn't improve for this game.
The first safety in the game early in the second quarter was exclusively the coaching staff's fault for calling a pitch when you're receiving the ball in your end zone. No way he was getting out of the end zone on that play. It probably cost OC McDonald his job honestly. And rightly so. But this team looked unprepared and the play calling was dreadful all game. 
D (1.0)
Just a brutal game to watch for Syracuse fans.
Syracuse doesn't have an easier week playing Florida State. So look for a similar report card next week.

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1 Responses to “Louisville - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR Yikes!”

  1. # Blogger John Brennan

    More on the F for coaching: the use of the first-half time-outs was horrific. And then, to not drill into your players' heads that you have no TOs left is a big thumbs down. AND THEN, you can't get plays called out to the team in a hurry-up situation? Syracuse should've been in the end zone before halftime, and that's totally on the coaching staff.  

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