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Duke - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR What A Game

It was definitely one of the best games in the Dome.
After all the buildup, the anticipation, and the crowd counting, the game actually managed to deliver. A feat that doesn't often happen. No team ever had a lead bigger than a few points, really. And the game went to overtime as teams traded knockout blows. But Syracuse ended up on top 91 to 89 in overtime.

  • Player of the game was CJ Fair with a career high 28 points on 12-20 shooting, adding 5 rebounds and two blocks. He played all 45 minutes of the game. He was pretty spectacular in the game.
  • Jerami Grant had an almost equally impressive game with 24 points. He was 7-11 from the floor and made 10-10 free throws. He also added 12 rebounds and some big slams.
  • Tyler Ennis didn't have many offensive moments in this game, only going 3-5 from the floor. But like always, they were spectacular drives down the lane. He was 8-8 from the line however and had 12 assists playing 40 minutes.
  • Rakeem Christmas also wasn't an offensive powrehouse, only making 2-4. But he did earn 10 rebounds and six blocks, including the block that sealed the game for Syracuse. He's needs to get better with short shots around the rim however.
  • Trevor Cooney also didn't have the biggest output. He saved that for Notre Dame. But he did play very well, scoring 5-8, 2-2 from long range, 2-2 on free throws.  He finished with 14 points and played some solid defense on the day.
  • Baye-Moussa Keita also missed some bunnies, but he did pull down 6 big rebounds.
  • Syracuse led in two big categories on the stat sheet. First, they led Duke in rebounding 38-33. They also led in blocks 9-0. Syracuse's defense was really solid on the day (perhaps I should qualify inside the arc). Syracuse's offense might have been even better however. Despite the fact that Duke hit 15 three point baskets, Syracuse still managed to have enough offense to overcome that.
  • Overall I was pretty satisfied with the officiating in this game. However, there should have been an intentional call late in regulation with the foul against CJ Fair, basically knocking him out of bounds. It should have been two shots and the ball for Syracuse. The Christmas no call on the block I think was a call that was a good no call. I'm not saying that as a Syracuse fan. I'm saying that as an observer of college basketball who knows that that little of contact, especially in overtime, won't get called in any game, let alone the biggest regular season game of the year so far.
  • Both teams only had eight turnovers. Usually anything under ten is a victory.
This game was probably the best regular season game I've ever seen in person in the Dome. And I've been to the last few "record breaking games" and every game in the Dome in the '02-'03 season, including the Pitt Triple Court Rush game. I've seen some crazy endings, and big time shots. This, to me, was the best I've seen. Syracuse now has the school record for starting the season undefeated. Thanks to Arizona they are also #1 and one of the last two unbeaten teams in the nation. I'll be back shortly with my Clemson Preview and Orange::44 will be back with regular postgame coverage back on a regular schedule.

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