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There were definitely a few things to cheer about from the Orange sideline.
Syracuse knew they were in for a tough fight against the #3 team in the country in Clemson, as well as having to face Heisman hopeful Tajh Boyd. It ended the way most people thought it would, but at least Syracuse did about as well as they could have, and never gave up. Clemson stayed unbeaten 49-14.


I think we can still say that, despite not owning on offense like he did against Tulane and Wagner, Terrel Hunt (8/24, 52 yds, 0 TD, 3 INT) is still the clear starter for Syracuse at quarterback. And while a couple of those interceptions were not his fault, the second clearly was a bad throw to the wrong shoulder of the receiver, making it an easy pick for the talented coverage of the Tigers. Drew Allen... never mind. What was good to see was Jerome Smith (18 car, 125 yds, 6.9 ypc, 1 TD) and PTG (9 car, 44 yds, 4.9 ypc, 1 TD) get the ground game going and manage to score, both on fairly long runs. However, most of the offense didn't do much, only earning 13 first downs, and converting 4-20 on third down. They were 2-4 on fourth down however.


Yes, they were facing Tajh Boyd, but when the entire offensive line doesn't move and lets you freely get to the quarterback, even casual fans recoganize that that is a screen pass. The Syracuse defense did not. That's frustrating. They allowed 27 first downs. The good news is they were 4-12 on third downs and 0-1 (the big play at the end of the first half for Clemson) on fourth down. And intercepting Boyd a couple times (the first time this season) sadly didn't do much to sway the grade.

Special Teams

In general, coverage was good and for the amount of times Syracuse had to punt they were all good. The longest was a spectacular 75 yard punt. However, Syracuse missed their one field goal attempt. Not a great day, but not the worst either. And considering they were playing #3, they could have really cost Syracuse field position and the ball with dumb mistakes.


I thought the play calling was acceptable, and I LOVED the call to go for it on fourth with a fake kick, to convert. In general, the coaches did all they could to compete against Clemson, but it was futile of course.

C (2.1)

Not the worst game Syracuse has played, especially when looking at the team on the other side. But they definitely could have done better. Syracuse will hopefully recover, and do better this week on their first ACC road trip.

Syracuse next takes on NC State this weekend. They lost to Wake Forest, so the game could get interesting. Either way, be glad that this game is over.

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