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Now that's how you celebrate Doug.
Syracuse managed to earn bowl eligibility by a last minute touchdown against Missouri for another comeback victory. There really is nothing left to play for at Syracuse except pride now. But that doesn't mean Syracuse doesn't want to finish up the regular season on a win.
Temple, on paper, is the inferior team in this match. Temple, you may remember depending on your age, is a team that was so bad consistently in the Big East they were booted from the first round of conference realignment really heated up. And this year, their first year back in the conference, they have managed only two conference wins. They beat lowly UConn and USF. But they are a more talented team than their 4-6 record indicates. Interestingly though, this is the last game for Temple for the 2012 season. They are mathematically ineligible to head to a bowl game even if they beat Syracuse. They can't even play spoiler for Syracuse. They are just playing for their seniors. And they could finish with a win. They are a hard running team that can accumulate yards on the ground. Syracuse has been vulnerable with tough running teams earlier in the season, and Syracuse has yet to demonstrate that they can stop screen passes as well. Montel Harris will be tasked with earning a lot of yards and a few scores against the Syracuse defense. He is talented enough to do it. The main match in the game will be him and the Temple offensive line versus the front defense of the Orange. Whoever wins that battle should give their team the big advantage to win the game. But maybe it won't even matter if Ryan Nassib and Alec Lemon continue their absolute domination in passing and receiving. If Syracuse gets off to a quick start Temple might not have the fortitude to play catch up and keep them in a game. This will either be an entertaining close game, or Syracuse is going to run away with it. I do think Syracuse is on too much of a roll to be surprised by anything Temple can do. I like the Orange to win this one in a meaningless game 27 to 17.
This game will be shown in stunning high definition at 11:00am on ESPN 2 and on ESPN 3 if you aren't blacked out. While half of the Orange::44 team will be nursing a slight hangover due to Thanksgiving family drinking, this guy will be ready to go at 11 on the Tweets. We'll see you there with a hearty plate of leftovers. Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.

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    False. I'm good to go with no hangover.  

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