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BlogPoll 2011 - Final Ballot

*They beat LSU, but I still have Alabama #2. Oklahoma State beat Stanford and in my last poll I had Oklahoma State #2 and Alabama #3. They both won. They both move up.
*West Virginia and Michigan jump the most. I just can't put WVU in the Top 10 with 3 losses, but they are close. Michigan deserves to be higher than the bowl losers. They also beat a tough VTech team, even though they always suck in the BCS.
*Sun Devils. Did anyone pick them against Boise except alumni? They barely hang on at #25.
*I would have put Baylor high for their offensive output (I do think RGIII is great), but that team didn't play any defense.
*No movement for USC. No bowl game to judge.
Anything crazy? Let me know. Otherwise we'll see you back here next year for more ballots.

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3 Responses to “BlogPoll 2011 - Final Ballot”

  1. # Blogger John Brennan

    If this is supposed to be a ranking of how good each team is, I don't know how you justify LSU at 8. Sure, they laid a big goose egg last night, but they plowed through the regular season undefeated and had the most top-10 wins. LSU can (or has) beat most of the teams ahead of it in this poll. Of course, I suppose this just proves the point of us who want to see a playoff. Plus, the only spot that matters is #1.  

  2. # Blogger Clintonians

    I don't see how Stanford falls so far down when they led Ok. St. the entire game and really should have won it in regulation, but for a too-conservative call by Coach Shaw. Those two teams were very evenly matched, and I think Stanford would have blown out a team like Michigan St. or the Gamecocks. Judging by who would beat whom, the top five should be Alabama, Ok. St., LSU, Oregon, and Stanford, with the Razorbacks a close 6th.  

  3. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    John, exactly.

    Stanford lost. Instead of trusting the guy that got you there all year (Luck), you put your hopes on a kicker. Their bad. But regardless of the game, Okey State won and I think have been a top 3 team all year. Were it not for Iowa State, they would have played LSU in the title, and not a repeat of Alabama.
    I'd love to know how Stanford could have done against Sparty or the Ol' Ball Coach, but we don't have a tournament. They won their bowl games. Stanford didn't.  

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