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Toledo - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR XP Calamity

The Kraut knows he pulled on over on the Big East.
Syracuse played well enough. I mean they did win a game in overtime. But Syracuse made it far to close to a Toledo team from the MAC. Syracuse's defense is not nearly as good as it should be. The secondary is really not good. But Nassib did well enough. Van Chew and Alec Lemon are really good. And Antwon Bailey did his part. But we win again. And I have to say again that a win is a win. Syracuse wins in overtime 33 to 30.
But before we get to the report card, let's talk about that extra point. This was a Big East crew, unlike the norm of the away team's conference officials covering a game. The official under the goalpost mistakenly called a ball good instead of calling it no good. Then a Big East replay official called it good, or really upholding the call because there was not indisputable video evidence to overturn the call. Should the extra point not have counted yes. Syracuse should have only been up by two on the final Toledo drive. Would Toledo have won the game for sure? No idea. Syracuse would have probably played the series different. Toledo would have too. But once the next play occurs, you can't go back and change things. It's that way in high school all the way up to the NFL. Sorry Toledo. Bring your own officials next time. To the card.
Ryan Nassib (16/24, 213yds, 2 TD, 0 INT) was very good again. He has the best completion percentage in the Big East and continues to be very good in the passing game. He only has a miscue or two. Antwon Bailey did his job as well, going over 100 yards and scoring. Van Chew, Alec Lemon, and Nick Provo continue to be reliable targets. The offense started off too slow, and lost a fumble, but they continue to score when the have to. They keep doing that and they will keep getting high grades.
They allowed 24 first downs, 50% of third downs, and 438 total yards, including 300 through the air. Just bad. Additionally the defensive line fails to contain the quarterback. QB Austin Danton was able to rush for 42 yards as well, for a couple first downs. No good.
Special Teams
B (In Reality D)
Terrible officials gave them a D. A missed extra point would normally warrant a horrific grade. Krautman did go 4/4 on field goals, and 3/3 on XPs according to the officials. Coverage was fine on the kicks, and returns also were good for the Orange.
Offensive play calling was conservative, got better, then got conservative again. Syracuse needs to open the playbook more. Defensively, the calls were adequate at best a lot of the time. Not much more needs to be said about that.
C+ (2.33)
They won. That's what matters. 3-1 in September is better than 2-2. But Syracuse really needs to get better and fast. And the coaching staff needs to have these players improve and get healthy. Otherwise it will be a long conference slate. But, just three more wins until Syracuse is bowling again.
F to the Big East officiating crew. They will have this weekend off after that botched job on the game.
F to the Student Section that never showed. Nooners seem early, but if you are a fan you are a fan. I guess most of you aren't. As expected.
A to the students that did show up. You guys are what the program needs more of.
Syracuse opens up conference play this Saturday at Noon on the Big East Network. That means ESPN 3, SNY, and TWCS. Rutgers is in the building in another winable game for Syracuse. But if SU plays it poorly, Rutgers could escape with one, like Syracuse did last year in Piscataway. Here's hoping it's three in a row.


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