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So I realize we're nearly 24 hours removed from what happened in the Dome last night, when Syracuse beat Morgan State 97-55. My gut reaction was to not do much of a recap and just let that speak for itself. Then my mind got the better of me, and I decided to let it all sink in. When today rolled around, and I still pretty much felt the same way. So, bear with me in considering the following tidbits and we'll just call it a day.
  • But for the injured CJ Fair and injury-redshirt DaShonte Riley, every player on the Syracuse roster made it into this game.
  • Place your orders now for authentic game-worn jerseys from Nick Resavy, Nolan Hart, Griffin Hoffmann, Matt Lyde-Cajuste, Brandon Reese, Russ DeRemer, and Matt Tomaszewski.
  • Syracuse shot 53.4% from the floor, including an astonishing 48% from 3.
  • Game ball probably goes to James Southerland who was 7 of 10 shooting (including 4 of 6 from 3) to register a career-high 18 points in 21 minutes. He got a lot of great looks against a Bears defense that didn't quite know what it was doing out there. I knew seeing Southy last year that he was going to turn into something special, and this game solidified that for me.
  • Rick Jackson looked comfortable out there again, and fell just one rebound short of another double-double. He came out (relatively) early and may have been a bit injured, but this looks to be of no long-term concern.
  • Brandon Triche is finally starting to live up to expectations consistently. If you've been watching him all season, you have to love the way he has played the past few games. Let's keep it going once Big East begins.
  • I'm thoroughly convinced that, speaking of Big East play, Kris Joseph is saving it all for then.
  • The crowd was pretty quiet. Sounded like being at a women's game. Must be because I wasn't there. They did, however, start to get into it when Syracuse really pulled away in the second half and the kids on the court really started having fun. It's fun to be a fan when the players are having fun on the court.
  • The only thing worse than being at the Dome and hearing Mike Veley's gems such as "Deuce for the Cuse" and "Thunder from down under" is watching the game on TV and still hearing it.
  • TWCS had fun at halftime interviewing Juli Boeheim, who we were reminded is the wife of head coach Jim Boeheim. TWCS then put their best photoshop experts on the job of putting a Kris Joseph-style hat on a picture of Jim Boeheim. Top notch, fellas. Top notch.
  • Syracuse closes out the non-conference slate tomorrow night against Drexel. I may or may not be there. Look for the usual Orange::44 preview and postgame reactions here.


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