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3-1 for the first time since '03. We'll all take it.
Yes it was Colgate. Yes it was Syracuse's second 1-AA opponent in as many weeks. Yes Syracuse had another slow start. However, Syracuse poured it on in the second half in the final tune up before the bye week and the Big East slate. Syracuse pulverizes Colgate in the Carrier Dome 42 to seven.
You don't have too many complaints about a day with six touchdowns for your team and 437 offensive yards. But there are some things to nitpick. Delone Carter was the star of the show with four touchdowns and 174 yards on only 14 carries. He finally had the breakout game we have been waiting for him to have this season. Ryan Nassib wasn't asked to throw a lot, but made good decisions when he was. He was 8/15 and earned 169 yards and a touchdown. He ran really well and had the cutbacks and speed we have been waiting for. An adjustment of slowing his running before he hits the line has really helped the line make holes before Carter has to run through them. The receivers, when passed to, really did well and caught the ball, especially TE Nick Provo who had a ridiculously amazing one handed grab early in the game. Syracuse's no huddle offense really moved well, but Syracuse has to get better in the Red Zone. That is really the biggest and only complaint with the offense in this game.
I have to give Colgate RB Nate Eachus credit. He definitely came to play and played really well and was rewarded with the only Colgate score on the day. Syracuse played pretty well, especially considering that they were out on the field for 44:26. Chandler Jones, Derrell Smith, and Doug Hogue all had good games. Da'Mon Merkerson again had spotty coverage on receivers, but made up for some terrible coverage by picking an interception. Mike Holmes also picked off a pass and ran it back 42 yards. The defense did allow Colgate to get 376 yards however. The good news is that Syracuse held strong, only allowing 5-18 third down conversions and 4-7 on fourth downs. Overall a good job, but seeing as the offense rolled and were not on the field that much because they were efficient, the defense did a good job overall.
Special Teams
A nice day from Special Teams. Syracuse typically had good starting field position for the offense to work. Prince-Tyson Gulley had two kick returns for 35 yards total, and Mike Holmes had two punt returns for 44 yards. K Ross Krautman wasn't asked to kick a field goal, but he was 6/6 on extra point tries. Rob "Heisman" Long only punted twice for 93 yards, one was behind the 20 perfectly placed at the 2 yard line. It was a brilliant play by the unit. A nice day overall.
There were no gutsy calls in this game that needed to be made, but the coaching adjustments were very evident from the first half to the second half. Syracuse needed to try out their hurry up offense and that did very well. Again, the only thing needed from Syracuse was better execution in the Red Zone. But overall, a good day for the staff.
B+ (3.25)
Syracuse may have started slow again, but they did exactly what they were supposed to do, and so did Delone Carter. They earned the tough yards on the ground, and the defense was stout when they needed to be. Limiting Colgate to just one touchdown on the day, and picking up six themselves is a solid day no matter who you play. Syracuse dominated enough, I just wish they would have dominated earlier. We'll have to see what kind of adjustments and improvements this team takes into the bye week.
Another A to Mike Veley, who had another good game proving the first wasn't just a fluke. There were no dumb sayings or gimmicks. Well done.
A- to ESPN 3 for using the TWCS high definition cameras to broadcast the Colgate game. During my rewatch I was treated to stunning clarity the way sports should be seen. Thanks. Now if you could do something about the commentators that would be great.
C- to the crowd in the Carrier Dome. I know it was Parents Weekend, but you can still be loud during the game. No student section certainly didn't help however.
Syracuse now has a week off before they travel down to Tampa and take on the USF Bulls. Improvements need to be made as a final preparation for a tougher opponent. But for now, Syracuse is riding high atop the league at 3-1 and suddenly impossible league games are looking like possibilities for the Orange. It will be an interesting October. Hopefully Syracuse can capitalize.


3 Responses to “Colgate - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR No HOODOO, We Do”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    C- to TWC for breaking into the game in the middle of the first quarter, Letting the Uconn game finish first! And then also leaving the game early for a Union game. Might have just been because I live in the Albany area, but if you commit to showing a game I would think you should atleast try and show the whole thing.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    That's interesting. I live in the Southern Tier and had no interruption in my recording of the game. Anyone else out there have the game interrupted?  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    The games are always louder without the students. This was the first game i have ever witnessed where this wasn't the case. Trust me though, the students are not where the noise comes's the diehard lifers that are there when we play a nobody and have a losing season.  

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