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Calhoun Takes Leave

Look at this sonofabitch!

It is no secret. I have and probably will always hate Jim Calhoun. I think the guy is a jerk. Is he a great college basketball coach? Without question. He's definitely among one of the ten best coaching in the game today. But sadly he's a huge ass hole. Not only to reporters and occasionally his own players, but to anyone that doesn't agree with him. He is that old curmudgeon that would keep a ball if you accidentally kicked it over his fence, or yell at you for driving by his house at 35mph instead of 30.
All that being said, he helps make a significant portion of the great rivalry that is Syracuse v. Connecticut. Would UConn be the program that it is today without him? Probably not. And much like any rivalry, if one team is always great and one team always sucks, it just is not as fun as it used to be (see: Georgetown v. Syracuse). Therefore I was slightly sad to hear that Jim Calhoun is taking a leave of absence to focus on his health. We know that it isn't related to his previous health problems, and the current reports are stating that it is stress related, and will only last about ten days. That would have him missing three games and coming back in time for them to host Marquette on January 30th.
So it is good to know that Calhoun will probably be coming back. Everyone knows he isn't done coaching yet, nor should he be. Syracuse could use a few more years of beating UConn in the Big East Tournament. And really, if Jim Boeheim is gonna put some distance between himself and Calhoun, we want Calhoun to still be coaching when he does, and not sidelined for health reasons. Health is a lousy reason to have to leave your job. Besides, for Calhoun it would be must more satisfying if it were because of a DUI, NCAA violations, or he killed a sack of puppies. So we'll be seeing you around Jim. Feel better soon, ya sonofabitch.

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  1. # Blogger Nick Loucks

    Feel better soon, ya sonofabitch.... couldn't put it better myself.

    It's good to hear it's not cancer or heart-related... those are scary things... but the fact is he's got to retire. It's the only sane thing to do. He's missed portions of the last 3 seasons I think. He's been unable to finish games... dehydrated and out for NCAA Tournament games... falling off bikes in charity events.

    It's time for him retire. When the time comes that it's a struggle to maintain a normal HUMAN life, your WORK life is going to suffer.

    I actually think UConn will be better coached in the days ahead with Blaney at the helm.  

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