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2009 Big East Prospectus Part 8: Syracuse

Editor’s Note: This is part eight of an eight part series giving analysis of each of the eight teams in the Big East Football Conference, proceeding alphabetically, but ending with Syracuse. Two new teams will be released each weekday for the next four days, leading up to the start of the Syracuse Football season. Feel free to use the comment section to supplement the facts and analysis presented, however the opinions will stand. Enjoy and I hope you are looking forward to the new Big East football season as much as I am. Part 7 can be found here.
Preview – Everything is new in the Salt City. New coach, new quarterback, new staff, and a new attitude that will hopefully include winning. The dreadful and failure filled Greg Robinson era is over, and passionate alumnus Doug Marrone is now at the helm of the SU Football team; his dream job. Syracuse will be starting former Duke point guard, and Syracuse native, QB Greg Paulus, who has not thrown a pass since high school. He earned the job and impressed the staff, along with getting voted captain of the offense. Additionally Mike Williams is back and target #1 for Paulus. Arthur Jones is back on the front line and as hungry as ever to make some tackles. While this team needs more talented players, already improvement from last season is evident, and Syracuse could surprise the predictable haters who find it hilarious to bash The ‘Cuse.

Key Returning Players – WR Mike Williams, DT Arthur Jones, S Max Suter

Key Losses – RB Curtis Brinkley, K Patrick “Sex Offender Mustache” Shadle, G Ryan Durand

My Thoughts – Syracuse will not win the league but this team has some talent and much of the dead weight has left the team. Syracuse will, regardless of wins and losses, show marked improvement game by game, and keep several games close. For now, that is good enough. That being said, Syracuse should win the easy games on their schedule, such as 1-AA Maine.

How will we do? – My bold and daring prediction: Syracuse will not finish last in the Big East. Syracuse should get two league wins, putting seventh place in our reach, and showing improvement from last season. Syracuse has a real chance of winning five games this season, including the season opener against Minnesota. While the elite teams in the Big East will still remain out of reach until higher caliber players enter the program, Syracuse will show improvement, give some teams a good game, and avoid any ridiculous blowouts (save Penn State of course).

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