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Syracuse entered the Big East Tournament for the first time since 2005 knowing they were in the NCAA Tournament before they set foot on the floor in MSG. Therefore it was interesting to see how they would start against a team they demolished in the regular season. Syracuse did not disappoint in terms of advancing to face that old familiar foe Connecticut, but there were certainly a lot of fireworks. Syracuse advances over Seton Hall 89 to 74.

Eric Devendorf and Jonny Flynn each had 19 points and led scoring for the Orange. They both had 19 points. Devendorf hit all of his points in the second half, making 5-8 from long range, and 7-13 overall. He also pulled down five rebounds and had two assists. Flynn had a stunning game however, earning that 19 points on 9-16 shooting, most of which came in the paint. He also earned 11 assists for a double-double. He was outstanding tonight, as was Devendorf offensively. Devo did look like a fool when he bit on Hazell’s pump fake though. Like they always do.

Arinze Onuaku had an offensive day like Jackson usually does; quiet. He earned 15 points, six rebounds, and three blocks. One of those blocks ignited the nonsense that occurred in the second half. He hit 7-12 from the floor, and managed 1-5 free throws. Stunning. He was fairly active on defense as well, so this was a pretty good game for Onuaku. He should have done a little better around the hoop on offense however.

Kristof! also had a great game by Kristof! standards. He finished with 12 points, seven assists, and two steals. He played hard, and as soon as he was in the game, got a steal and an and one. Kristof! is poised to make quite the impact in the NCAA Tournament.

Rick Jackson had seven points and three rebounds. He had a better day on defense than the last few, but it was still not the effort that Syracuse needs consistently. He bricked an eaaaaaasy bucket but made up for it on the next possession. Either way, he did pretty well on a 3-5 shooting effort from the floor.

Paul Harris only had four points in 24 minutes of action. However he did have six points and five assists. He is also still one of the best teammates to receive passes around the hoop from Flynn. Must have been the high school years.

Syracuse jumped out to an early lead, but coughed it up early in the second half because of lackadaisical defensive effort. However, Syracuse buckled down and played solid defense for the majority of the second half.

Syracuse put on a fast break clinic in this game. They had over twenty points from the fast break. Flynn, Kristof!, Harris, and Rautins were masterful in passing. Syracuse tied the record for assists in a single Big East Tournament game with 30. That’s also 30 assists on 37 field goals. There was excellent passing and ball movement in this game and it was easily the best passing we have seen from the Orange all season.

Syracuse shot 56.9% from the floor (37-65) and 50% (9-18) from behind the arc. This was an excellent shooting performance from behind the arc in the second half. What was not a good shooting performance was from the charity stripe. They only made 6-20 (30%). Still dreadful, but luckily it was not a factor in this game. It could be against Connecticut.

Now to the extra curriculars. This was not acceptable by either team. But I will say that it was John Garcia of Seton Hall that initiated the technical fouls by giving the old jibba jab after he was cleanly blocked by Onuaku, but Onuaku was clearly wrong by clapping in his face. If he wanted to clap and walk away that would have been fine, but right in the guy’s face definitely earned a tech. As for Devo and Eugene Harvey, that was ridiculous. While I expect that from Devendorf, putting your hand in another mans face and shoving is unacceptable. Devendorf never put his hands on anyone in that scrum, but Harvey had his hands all over Devendorf’s face and he should have been ejected for that. Either way, it was fine that they both got technical fouls again. It probably helped in that it motivated Syracuse out of a lull and spurred an offensive run.

We saw a lot of DOCTOR Gross behind the SU bench, wearing a grey turtleneck. Just great.

Also in the gallery was Gerry McNamara, who’s 2006 heroics I saw completely and in person courtside. I will never forget that, and I cannot imagine I will ever witness a better Big East Tournament. I was glad to see him and his hot wife Katie on the television.

All in all, this was a great game despite the fights. We will now see Syracuse taking on Connecticut in MSG. It should be an interesting game. While I picked Connecticut to win this game, I would not be surprised at all to see Syracuse pull another big upset at the expense of Connecticut. After all, UConn is known in New York to get off the bus, play the game, get on the bus, and go home. We’ll find out after 9:00pm live from New York.

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2 Responses to “Seton Hall - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR Let's Start A Fight”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I say it was Onuaku's fault for screaming after the block and who knows what else he did to piss off Garcia prior to that specific play. Syracuse has no class at all.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    It's one thing to yell something to no one in particular after making a good play. It is quite another to yap in someone's face, specifically directed at a player.

    And as for classless, the only players that initiated physical contact on opposing players was Seton Hall.

    As Calhoun would say, get some facts and come back and see us. Thanks for reading Orange::44.  

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