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There's nothing quite like the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. For just about a month, everyone is allowed to confuse dumb luck with prognostication precision. It's just the way the madness goes. In every bracket pool, there are three types of players: Who Gives a Damn Guy, Chalk Guy, and Everyone Else.

Everyone Else Guy
This is straightforward. He's the most prevalent participant in the pool. Wise to his selections and confident in his bracket, he takes wins and losses on an even keel. Usually never wins the entire kit and kabootle, but he's not in the pool not for the cash. Rather, Everyone Else Guy fills out the bracket so he has a pseudo-TV Guide for his must-see game watching.

Chalk Guy
This guy usually comes in two brands: "I Want To Win" and "What's Basketball?". The former is usually strapped for cash and desparately needs the $40 minimum payoff. The latter is usually the kid that was good at math and science, but deficient in social and motor skills. Either way, these two guys have little desire in the 5/12 upset, and usually will bemoan why the SWAC even bothers fielding a representative.

Who Gives A Damn Guy
This guy is usually a target for my murderous rage. If this guy got hit by a bus, I'd chuckle and steal his watch. Then I'd shtup his wife.

If you're not familiar with this jamoke, he's the guy who picks Wisconsin-Milwaukee over Alabama and you have to hear about it for the next week to 72 years. He usually enters about 5 sheets into the pool just to make ridiculous selections. His percentage of overall correct picks is usually just under 20%, but he'd make you think he was Nostradamus. He was probably abused by his step-father as a youngster.

Anyways, here's a smorgasbord of bracket material. I would call this the syllabus for Bracketology 101, but then I'd have to commit seppuku.

Roadmap to Brackets
ESPN Tournament Challenge
CBS Sportsline Bracket Manager
CBS Sporstline Bracket Challenge
Sporting News Bracket Blast

Other Stuff
Face Paint
Nerd Factor Seeding
Other Junk

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