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Lacrosse Weekly - Championship Edition

Title #11 comes back to back. Amazing.
I had to take a little longer than usual for a postgame article to take this one in. Sitting in the stands in Gillette Stadium I said at least four times “well that’s it”. Then Syracuse pulled one of the most amazing feats the lacrosse world has ever witnessed in a championship game. To be there was unbelievable, to see it on television was a privilege, and to even hear about it as an SU fan must have been a treat. This one may not go down as the best finals game ever, but it will certainly be in the discussion. Syracuse pulls off a miraculous comeback for their 11th title over Cornell in overtime ten to nine.

This game was started with Cornell getting the first two scores of the game from John Glynn. Then Syracuse made it even when Cornell struck with 21 seconds left in the first quarter. Stephen Keogh earned goal 48 on the season to start the second quarter. Then each team scored again before Cornell got two goals to end the first half, including a man up goal from Max Seibald. The third quarter was low scoring, with each team adding one to head into the fourth quarter with Cornell up seven to five. Then an explosive fourth quarter occurred. After Dan Hardy closed the gap to one Cornell seemed to put the game unreachable at 5:31, down by three. Then Syracuse scored three goals, most notably with 4.5 seconds remaining by Kenny Nims, to miraculously tie the game back up. Then after Cornell won the face off in overtime, Sid Smith caused a turnover, and finally Cody Jamieson put in the game winner. Syracuse is the best in the lacrosse world again.

The Orange again did it with contributions from several players. Syracuse had eight different scorers in the game. Stephen Keogh and Cody Jamieson led in scoring with two goals a piece, including the game winner from Jamieson in the overtime. Matt Abbot and Dan Hardy each added two assists as well. Hardy and Jamieson each finished with three points a piece. Long stick midfielder Joel White led the team with ground balls and played fantastic on the defensive end and on face offs. Jake Moulton again played well, winning ten of 17 face offs. Gavin Jenkinson also won two of four. Finally, John Galloway played well on the day in the second half and finished with ten saves and nine goals against.

Cornell did an excellent job of limiting Syracuse’s shots. Syracuse had 33 in the game, while Cornell had 39. Cornell also edged out Syracuse in ground balls, picking up 30 to Syracuse’s 28. Syracuse won 12 of 22 face offs in the game, with Cornell taking ten. Cornell cleared 15 of 19 possessions, while Syracuse cleared 16 of 17. Syracuse’s extra man defense was excellent as Cornell could only convert on one of six opportunities. Syracuse failed to convert on their one opportunity. Both teams had ten saves.

This game was fun to watch. In the last play to tie the game with 4.5 seconds in regulation, to which I have seen a dozen times now, and I am amazed that it happened. First the check from Nims on Cornell’s Moyer, then White’s check to really free the ball, the crazy pass from Keogh to Matt Abbot, and then while getting hit passes to Nims in front of the cage somehow getting the pass perfectly after hitting the Cornell defender’s stick, finally resulting in that Nims goal was unbelievable. This was easily the best 20 seconds of lacrosse you could see this season. Next, how lucky were we that the NCAA finally decided to not drag their feet and actually clear Cody Jamieson. The kid will be a star next season. Clearly Syracuse had ridiculous offensive depth on this team that even when the team was confused and stifled by Cornell’s defense that several players can step up and play big to come back and tie the game. The complete box score can be found here.

I’ll be back shortly to round out the coverage on the weekend including some video, several pictures, and some memories from the season. Also I will be back with the blogging situation this blog will undergo over the next few months until football cranks up again. It was a special weekend and I want to revisit it again before we truly put this championship season to rest.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It's always difficult getting video coverage of the NCAA Championships in Melbourne Australia. Some come available through ESPN cable but usually about 2am midweek, so unless you scan the TV guide you miss the game. The most recent game is Cornell v Viginia from last week. The Syracuse/Cornell final sounds thrilling so I'm looking forward to seeing it. Hopefully it will make the TV here.
    Are there any sites from which I could download the games. That would make it a whole lot easier.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Thanks for reading from Australia. I think you win the award for furthest reader. In terms of watching the championship, ESPN U is rebroadcasting the game several times this week. Also, if your internet provider allows you access to ESPN 360 you can watch the game in its entirety. If none of that works, the best parts are totally on Youtube. I assume you are a Syracuse fan, so there is plenty of video fodder on there to chew through. However, if you feel like owning the game, or just being able to watch it, SU Athletics is selling a DVD of the game. Now I assume that that is set up for DVD players in the US so I’m not sure how that would work in Australia. Those are probably your best options. If all else fails you might be able to contact ESPN directly and see what they recommend. Thanks again for reading. I hope this helped.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I see at the end here you promise to post some pictures, videos, etc. Any idea when. I want to keep reliving the moment over and over again for as long as possible!  

  4. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Yeah sorry about that. They will be up before June 7th. That I can promise.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Thanks for the advice about ESPN, I shall try that and Youtube could always be an option, alterantivey one huge satelite dish in my back yard.
    Our Australian video system is PAL like the european system and the DVDs have to be compatible to "international" otherwise they just don't work.
    I'm not particularly a Syracuse fan but just enjoy watching good lacrosse. Coincidentally we have a Syracuse graduate from last year playing with our club (Chadstone) at the momemnt - Chris ?? (I missed his last name) but he seems a really good guy.  

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