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Orange::44 is Back In Action!

Do what Bender says. He's from the future.

It’s another edition of the Orange::44 Podcast! This is the official return of myself to the blog after a two week semi-hiatus due to my law school examinations. I’m glad to be back, coming to you no longer as a dreaded 2L, but now as a much cooler and more educated 3L, as the law school lingo dictates. Today we cover a lot of lacrosse that I have sadly neglected the last couple of weeks, including a look at the NCAA Tournament and what my bracket looks like for the Hoya Suxa 2008 Lacrosse Pick ‘Em Challenge, which can be found here if you would still like to enter before tomorrow. Enjoy a lot of lax, but a little smattering of other items as well. I’m glad to be back and look forward to a fruitful summer of blogging deliciousness, along with some excellent podcasts to accompany you on your subway ride, or in your car, or anywhere you care to listen. To download this podcast click here.

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